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here it is...not holding my breath to be accepted, but I'll at least try. I just posted this to P101, which is what prompted me to apply for the CD comm.

Please don't recommend the cloth diapering comm...I've applied three times and can't get in because I don't use my personal journal. I'm hoping there are some seasoned cd'ers here that can help.

My son is 19 months old, and we have a stash of 17 BG 3.0's. We have used them exclusively since he was about 2 months old. In the beginning, I read somewhere that original Tide was acceptable to use for washing, and so we happily used it for 14 or 15 months. Then, literally overnight, we started to have major problems with stink. I diagnosed it as detergent buildup, we did a wash with dish soap (Country Save), switched to Country Save detergent, and left the full stash in the sun for two days. At first, it seemed fine, but a week or two later we had the same stink issue. It's not the wet diapers, but the dirties...it's like they're not getting clean, we have slight staining, and nothing we are trying is helping. To date, we've added tea tree oil to the wash, we've tried oxy clean, we've stripped again, and we've tried vinegar. They've been in the sun (both inside out and regular), and we are at our wits end.

Add to this the fact that the velcro tabs are wearing out and not as sticky, and DH is talking about just admitting we killed the diapers by using the wrong detergent for too long and buying a full new stash. I'm not ready to give up...any ideas? We've thought of trying to boil them, but I'm not sure what this would do. We've rinsed and rinsed and rinsed, and it doesn't seem to be a problem of residual soap buildup. Could we be using too little detergent? We use as little as possible to avoid the buildup (and do two extra rinses after every wash), but maybe we need more detergent and more rinses? We saw that BG has a stink remover...useful and worth trying? or a complete waste of time and money?

Has anyone ever just completely ruined a pocket diaper (or a set?). Sigh.

While I'm at it, has anyone had a tailor put new velcro on? We've always used the low heat setting on the dryer...if I get new velcro, is it better for the velcro to line dry the diapers, rather than use the dryer?

I'm pregnant with #2, and had hoped to use the same stash through the whole diaper stage for both kids...is this a pipe dream?
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